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Dear diet, sorry I cheated

Can you really cheat on a diet? Who are you cheating on exactly? The clean cooked chicken and steamed broccoli couldn’t give two hoots I am sure. And as for that cheeky piece of cake, well I guess that’s the third wheel in this scenario, so that’ll be happy of attention no doubt.

So I guess if you are just about to embark upon or are already on a diet, and you are dreading the restrictions that are about to be self- imposed upon you. Stop, take a step back and have a little think.

What are you doing this for? Who are you doing this for? The answer should be YOU. And if it is not, then I would say stop until your head is in the right place.

As I am sure you all know. The link between mental health and physical fitness is now well documented, of that there is now no doubt.

But I would also say that there is strong link between a successful diet, or eating plan and one that doesn’t last the month. And that link is mind set. The eating plan, the training programme, the visits to the gym… all that commitment comes from one source… you know where don’t you?  YOU.. so in order for this diet, training and commitment to work right.. your head needs to be in the right place first. And that is where I will need you to take a step back, take a seat and have a wee think, right down what it is you wish to achieve, what your goals are in relation to this journey you are just about to start. Be realistic.  This way, when you start you have a clear view of the direction you are heading in.  Remember though, this is a journey of epic proportions, but they all start with that one step.

There are many ways in which you can achieve success in this, sheer dogged determination and will power of course, doing it with a friend, nudge nudge. Or as said before joining a club, gym or class. The last three will most likely give you the best result, in more ways than one. The support and of course the people who are all in the same race but at a different pace.

The main point here is, get your head right and all else will fall into place, after a few ups and downs, nothing ever runs smooth.. but make a plan for yourself or you will forever be cheating on your diet, and that will always mess with your head.

but until next time…love lifting..