The most central gym in the Highlands – close to the famous NC500 we cater to gym-goers of all abilities, including full memberships and short term options.

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Silverback Gym Tain Highlands

October 2020

The squat is the perfect analogy for life, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, weighing you down. You have to dig deep and drive it back up. Let it know that you are not going to be crushed by it but you will own it and overcome it. The squat is a wonderful exercise, there a number of benefits to doing this often, as it will bring into play a number of different muscles. The legs quads, hams and calves, the core, so that’s the abs included

So you have been training, religiously for six months. All seems to be going well. You are keeping your diet in check, you are consistent with your training, hitting the gym a minimum of three times a week. Then it happens… and upset, a hiccup, an injury or the target you were heading for has passed and the “need” is no longer there. So you stop. There is only really one of the aforementioned reasons that is a valid reason to take a break.. injury.. take your time recover and do

So you have mustered up the courage to get down to the gym. What do you take with you? Towel – check, headphones-check, water bottle-check, ego – leave that at home please. This one is a tricky one. On the one hand there are the super confident and on the other hand you have the ego infused individual who knows it all without knowing anything. If you are new to the gym environment, say just joined in the last 6-12 months, you are in a position to choose your path. Everyone you see