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Gotta get your head in the game

So you have been training, religiously for six months. All seems to be going well. You are keeping your diet in check, you are consistent with your training, hitting the gym a minimum of three times a week.

Then it happens… and upset, a hiccup, an injury or the target you were heading for has passed and the “need” is no longer there. So you stop. There is only really one of the aforementioned reasons that is a valid reason to take a break.. injury.. take your time recover and do rehab if required, then bounce back.

An unexpected stop can really mess with your head, it takes your focus and can really put you back to square one, not only with regards to your fitness levels and physique, but also mentally too. You see, lots of people start on this journey for that holiday beach body or that wedding outfit or for a multitude of reasons really. But once they start, I mean really start, it becomes more apparent that the connection between our active self and our cerebral self are more connected that we ever knew. Pathways begin to clear, thoughts and ideas make more sense, your mind starts to organise the clutter. The more you pump, push , pull, jump, run, row, leap or whatever your kink is in the gym the more you feel an all round wellness.

We all  need to take a break from time to time, in fact a break from regular activity can in fact be a good thing, yeah yeah, I know, “but you just said”. If the break is planned and you use that time for reflection, a personal reboot if you will. Then it gives your body and mind time to recover, reset and gather itself, prepare almost for the next phase, of whatever you have planned for it.

Most will plan in a break to organise a new phase of training programme. So actually the break may be planned, but the head is still in the game. When the break is unplanned the head space goes elsewhere, and that is when it is very hard to get back into the mindset of the organised mind, which has the ripple effect of helping to organise the other aspects of your world. A short unplanned upset, a cold for example, so you skip two weeks of hitting the gym, that two weeks turns into a month, that month turns into two and before you know it, its been six months and all your hard work has all but gone, you feel sluggish, you are not sleeping well, the scales are starting to complain, and the clothes are a wee bitty tighter. And there you are back to square one, and it could be another month before you have talked yourself round to going back again.

They say slow progress is better than no progress.. we are not top flight athletes, we are not competing on the world stage…but to our nearest and dearest we are all champions, and they deserve to have us around in our best frame of body and mind.

Until next time,

All the best and Love lifting.