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How low can you go

The squat is the perfect analogy for life, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, weighing you down. You have to dig deep and drive it back up. Let it know that you are not going to be crushed by it but you will own it and overcome it.

The squat is a wonderful exercise, there a number of benefits to doing this often, as it will bring into play a number of different muscles. The legs quads, hams and calves, the core, so that’s the abs included too, lower back and of course the butt, and who doesn’t like a peachy one of those.

So as you can see the squat is a good all-rounder for the lower body and some mid-section. Personally I like to start off with a light weight or empty bar, get the body position right, some light warm up sets, with high reps. For me this lets the body know what I am going to be asking of it in the next wee while.

The type of training you do with this exercise will depend on your goals. And if you are unsure, you will be best to consult a PT who will be able to guide you.

But generally speaking 2-3 sets of 10 squats is a good guide for the beginner. Do this maybe 2-3 times a week. As you progress you can build on that. And as you increase you will start to see the benefits. Squatting will produce a really good shape to your glutes, bum. It will firm up the region instead of making it bigger, and combine that with a fat loss routine, like Hiit and cardio then big bum will shrink… this is true for boys and girls.. The offset to this is there will be an increase in size and definition to the legs, they too will become shapelier. Butt, see what I did there, as stated above, consult your PT to get you started and set you on the right path.

The squat is often left out of some peoples routine because of the fact that it incorporates all these other groups, but it is, once mastered, one of the best exercises you can do in the gym. Guys you are letting the side down here I am sorry to say… ladies are romping away with their love of the squat, and in all my time of training, I have never seen a lady skip leg day. Gents we need to up our game here. You can see that a generation of men have skipped leg day, and the squat by the amount of skinny jeaned men walking about.

If the squat is an exercise that scares you, chat to the bloke who seems to be doing it right, he will be more than happy to give you some pointers, and you never know, you might make a new training partner while you are at it.

Until next time, all the best and love lifting.