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Give yourself a bit of a break

So we have just had the most food filled, sofa sitting season of the year, and about now you are probably thinking, “right in the new year, I am going to get myself in shape.” Yeah why not, buuuut here is a word to the wise.. if you have not been in a gym for a while, or taken part in any sports, golf does not count sorry.. then take it steady for the first month at least. Use the first 4 weeks of your new found enthusiasm for exercise to get familiar with the kit, acclimatise your body to gentle exercise and the new routine that you want it  to be undertaking.

This approach will stand you in good stead for the year ahead, remember this is a long journey you are about to embark upon. It is good to build a solid foundation. If you horse in at 100mph you are likely to cause yourself an injury, which will put you off from exercising, as you’re not use to lifting, pulling or isolating body parts like this. Along with the gentle approach it would also be wise to employ the knowledge of a PT, who can guide you through the basics and if need be, correct your form. Find a PT who knows his stuff and trains too, that way he will also know what you are going through and how difficult it can be too. Most good PT’s have been in your spot too and can empathise.

So you have been in to the gym and signed up, awesome, found a PT, brilliant, got a few pointers and programme, nice one.. the way to go now is to break the year down and mentally prepare your self for the year ahead, things are not going to happen overnight. Changes will happen, but they will happen very slowly. You will get frustrated, with yourself and the process. But know that you are on the right path. You will also take the occasional detour from that “path” of healthy eating too.. and that is totally fine, you are a grown up, you are allowed, just get back on the “path” the next day and continue as before, no biggie. We all have off days, we just have to make sure that the off days don’t turn into off weeks or months.

So now that you have made the decision, I want you to be gentle with you, give you a break. Remember that everyone who is in the gym, has at one point in their time been stood in your shoes, nervous about going in, thinking that everyone will be staring at you. Trust me they wont be, they are all on their own journey, all fighting their own demons and battling their own mental health issues. But you have discovered the best form of therapy there is…the gym… welcome to the troop, wherever you find your troop.

Have a fantastic year ahead, we wish you love, luck and laughter aplenty..

Love Lifting.