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I’d like to Hiit that

I bet you would you naughty individual you.. but it’s not what you are thinking.

Hiit stands for High Intensity interval Training. And the theory is you give your work out 100% effort for a short burst of time, say 30 -90 seconds followed by a passive or rest period, where you keep moving, but at lower intensity… I know what you’re thinking, is that it? I could do that, that sounds like a piece of cake!….mmmmmmmm cake….

Well my friend that is not it at all. That pattern is repeated for anything up to half an hour, non-stop, at full bore remember. There is sweating involved, lots of it, you won’t look pretty, but this is no cat walk. You are in the zone fighting against yourself to keep going, and keep going you must. This is fitness, not a quick fix or a sprint, but a lifelong commitment to you, a marathon if you will.

The idea behind this style is that it gets your heart rate up, and burns more fat in less time….ahhh now you’re interested…this style of training can be incorporated into your usual routine of lifting stuff up and putting it back down again. Two or three sessions a week should do it. And let’s not forget that your 100% is not the same as the next persons and so on. So this is instantly suited to you. As long as you are getting a bubble (sweat) on, you are doing it right, slightly out of breath, bang on keep going. It’s all working. For the newbies to this, take it easy, if it’s been a while since you exerted yourself remember you are not that young thing that you once were. But you will build up and you will rock this world.

so this training can be done pretty much anywhere you like, but the best results come from doing it in groups, I know what you’re thinking, not that, I am talking about class groups for training. A great way to get your Hittt on is in a circuit’s class. The PT will have worked out the routine for you, you will have a variety of different body weight or light weight exercises to carry out, and everyone there is there for the exact same goal. So there is a feeling of solidarity amongst you.

Check out classes in your local gym and look into incorporating some Hiit into your usual training routine, you will feel the benefits, and get to show off those muscles you have been building.

until next time all the best and love lifting.