The most central gym in the Highlands – close to the famous NC500 we cater to gym-goers of all abilities, including full memberships and short term options.

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Silverback Gym Tain Highlands

December 2020

Wow look at the size of him, he is huge. Wow look at her, she is all fit and stuff. Yeah it’s a sad fact of life that we always compare ourselves to others. Why do we do that? That’s a question for daytime TV, not here because I don’t have a definitive answer. I have been training for a long time, and have been in this place myself, and although you can use others in the gym as motivation, that’s all they should be. You don’t know what their genetics are,

As much as we are social creatures, some things are best in the intimate environment of a 1 to 1 encounter, in the middle of the gym with loads of other people there. I am talking about you getting a PT, you naughty lot. Hiring a PT has many many benefits. Firstly they know what they are talking about, and can guide you towards your goals, in half the time. But be warned not all PT are created equal, if you happen upon a bad one don’t let that put you off. The