The most central gym in the Highlands – close to the famous NC500 we cater to gym-goers of all abilities, including full memberships and short term options.

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Silverback Gym Tain Highlands

It’s a one-to-one thing

As much as we are social creatures, some things are best in the intimate environment of a 1 to 1 encounter, in the middle of the gym with loads of other people there.

I am talking about you getting a PT, you naughty lot.

Hiring a PT has many many benefits. Firstly they know what they are talking about, and can guide you towards your goals, in half the time.

But be warned not all PT are created equal, if you happen upon a bad one don’t let that put you off. The good ones far outnumber the bad.

Your friendly neighbourhood PT can help you with all aspects of your fitness journey and can really set you off on the right foot. They can advise on nutrition, macros and eating styles. They can advise on training frequency too, 2-3-or 4 times a week. But I think one of the most important aspects is that they can correct your form, and ensure that you do not hurt yourself when training.

Your PT can see you from once a week or for every training session, that is something that you can discuss when you meet, they are paid by the hour or by the block. Have a chat a see what sits best with both of you. Generally speaking though two sessions a week is enough to ensure that you are doing everything right. If you are new to the fitness life, then getting a few sessions will be well worth it. They not only guide you and inform you, they will encourage you when you feel low, build you up when you are not sure, introduce you to the other members when you are new to the gym. And basically make you feel good about what you are doing.

Once you have that confidence, and the routine that they have worked out for you, you can then venture out on your own, safe in the knowledge that there is someone looking out for you. And you can always book a few refresher sessions, or discuss a more intensive training style.

The PT is like the cool cousin or the older sibling of the fitness family, at Silverbacks they look out for their charges, and all levels are welcomed and encouraged.

Sometimes though we have been training for long time and have started to see our progress get slower, so even for the seasoned gym rat, a session or a block with a PT will highlight some problems, and a change in training is all that is needed. This is where the vision of the PT is key. As they would have seen this problem, whatever it may be, a dozen times and they know how to overcome it.

So if in doubt search a PT out, you won’t regret it, it could be the kick start or the plateau buster that you need. Until next time, take care and love lifting