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Silverback Gym Tain Highlands

It’s not just your body you are working on, but your mind and your focus too

“food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilised antidepressant”

I don’t know who wrote that above statement, but it is true. I know that many many people suffer from all kinds of anxiety, irrational fears, closed off feelings.. call them what you will. In this day and age these things, these feeling are only going to get worse, and these feelings will be passed onto the next generation without us having to do a thing.

Depending on who you talk too, there could be a multitude of reasons for this. An argument with a friend years ago, a family tragedy, divorce, job loss, social media and smart phones with a never ending stream of pointless apps and games. What ever the reason there is no doubt that there is a disconnect happening, and I am sorry to say, it’s here to stay and will only grow.

Unless we do something about it. Read the above statement again, once more for good measure..this has also been backed up by scientific fact. The endorphins that are released during and after exercise are similar to those we get from chocolate and nookie., and the pain medicine morphine. They reduce your perception of pain  and leave you feeling somewhat euphoric, and trigger positive feelings in the brain. How totally awesome is this body of ours, we all have the ability to self medicate with exercise and the there is no down side whatsoever.

I have touched a wee bit previously about my weight, it has been something that I have kinda struggled with since my early teens. I can remember a cub camp when I was a kid, we had rigged up a pulley and a rope to a tree, and everyone was getting a shot at being pulled up, got to my turn and the scout leader said “ we are gonna need a few more people to pull the rope” needless to say I declined my turn, was upset, being about 8 or 9. But I think that is where my body image issues started, and now some 42 years later they have never really gone. But I of course have a better handle of these things now. People say I am a big bloke, but that’s more from the weight training and the manual works, as opposed to the jaffa cakes ( my one true weakness). I am happy with that.

We know that there are other people who feel isolated, left behind a little, out of sorts or down in the dumps and can’t figure out why, or maybe you know why but either way you feel a little help to pull you from this funk would be great.

Sometimes the gym is the place where you can focus on you, on your mind, body and soul.. the iron will not break you, you will not break the iron. But what you will find in the iron, is a friend that will always be there, always take your side and will test you when you want to be tested.

Until next time, take care and love lifting.