Silverback Gym Tain Highlands

Code of Conduct


DO greet other members with a smile (remember this may be their first time here and your smile could make or break their experience).

DO learn the code of conduct/rules of this club and practice them

DO put equipment away once you have finished using it

DO wipe down the equipment after use.

DO ask for assistance from a member of staff if you aren’t sure how to do something

DO respect other members personal space. Remember this is the Silverback TROOP, everyone counts

DO ask if people are finished with equipment if they seem to be leaving

DO carry a plastic, covered water bottle

DO remove heavy weight plates from the machine after you are finished. Others can’t always lift as heavy as you


DO NOT allow anyone else to use your Key Fob

DO NOT let other people into the club, security is extremely important

DO NOT drop weights, it’s detrimental to the floor and unnecessary

DO NOT behave possessively over the equipment

DO NOT sit on the equipment at busy times if you’re not using it

DO NOT block walk ways or access to any equipment

DO NOT give out unsolicited advice