The most central gym in the Highlands – close to the famous NC500 we cater to gym-goers of all abilities, including full memberships and short term options.

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I bet you would you naughty individual you.. but it’s not what you are thinking. Hiit stands for High Intensity interval Training. And the theory is you give your work out 100% effort for a short burst of time, say 30 -90 seconds followed by a passive or rest period, where you keep moving, but at lower intensity… I know what you’re thinking, is that it? I could do that, that sounds like a piece of cake!….mmmmmmmm cake…. Well my friend that is not it at all. That pattern is repeated for

So we have just had the most food filled, sofa sitting season of the year, and about now you are probably thinking, “right in the new year, I am going to get myself in shape.” Yeah why not, buuuut here is a word to the wise.. if you have not been in a gym for a while, or taken part in any sports, golf does not count sorry.. then take it steady for the first month at least. Use the first 4 weeks of your new found enthusiasm for exercise

So you have been training, religiously for six months. All seems to be going well. You are keeping your diet in check, you are consistent with your training, hitting the gym a minimum of three times a week. Then it happens… and upset, a hiccup, an injury or the target you were heading for has passed and the “need” is no longer there. So you stop. There is only really one of the aforementioned reasons that is a valid reason to take a break.. injury.. take your time recover and do

So here we go, welcome to the first, of hopefully many, articles coming from the mind of Silverback Jim. There is at present a very good feeling with regards to the fitness industry. Both the young and the old are seeing the benefits of regular training and a sensible eating regime. But not everyone will go to the gym. And there will be a variety of reasons for that. I don’t know what I am doing. I want to lose a bit of weight first I can’t seem to fit it in to my day I